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9000 Gent
Modifié le  31.08.2023


Each year, GTB helps more than 10,000 clients find and keep jobs. They also help employers to recruit and (re)integrate qualified employees.

GTB - Specialist Team Mediation - helps people in vulnerable situations, including those with disabilities or health problems, to find and keep jobs. The company also helps employers to recruit and (re)integrate qualified employees.

Cooperation is crucial for the company, first and foremost of course with jobseekers, employees and employers. But GTB also has a unique and inclusive cooperation with the VDAB. In the local job centres, their employees work side by side with their VDAB colleagues.

In addition, they can count on a strong partnership of specialised services, such as specialised training and guidance centres (GOB), social economy companies, mental health services, doctors, hospitals, educational institutions, employers' federations, trade unions, users' organisations, OCMW, CAW, RIZIV, etc.

Would you like more information? Visit the GTB website.