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Covid trough art with the exhibition Catharsis - Words for the Wicked

We have all lived with the coronavirus: being trapped, the fears, the illness, sometimes even the loss of a loved one.

This exhibition offers a unique experience, or rather an exceptional art therapy session. By giving words to our ailments, everyone, young and old, can better understand the subject and demystify it in order to better understand the difficulty. Above all, it enables us to free ourselves from an inner tension and to express to the outside world the emotions that we all too often hide deep within ourselves. This is what the idea of catharsis perfectly expresses. This double reading, between internal and external, between tangible and tangible, is allowed by both artists: the word is part of the image and the image is part of the word. Isn't the artist just a ferryman, a wayfarer who lets us go to the next stage?

Would you also like to organise an exhibition for the integration of people with disabilities and show your commitment to this issue?